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Top 5 Reasons to Choose BBA

BBA, which stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, is a three-year UG course with immense popularity among the students. The program aims at imparting management and business knowledge to prepare students for the corporate world. A BBA degree lays the foundation if you want to launch your own company or aspire to become a manager in a company. Besides, it also acts as a stepping-stone for seeking an MBA degree.

If you are still confused about choosing BBA, then read through this article that lists the top reasons  saying why a BBA course is a worthwhile career choice.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose BBA


Here is a list of reasons that state why to choose BBA course:

  1. Huge Scope

BBA offers wide scope as it grows on increased business-world competition. Businesses need people with strong managerial skills, and their capacity to excel in a variety of managerial positions provides them with an advantage over competitors. Most big business companies hire and train BBA graduates as per their needs and requirements. As a result, many big companies visit the colleges for fresh recruitments. Once selected, candidates can work on developing apt abilities and solid managerial skills to lead teams and climb up the corporate ladder.

  1. Higher Education

BBA is considered a foundational course for Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Most often, MBA is a popular choice among the aspirants for higher education after BBA. Since BBA is a general course, it helps you know about your interests, which further helps you to correctly choose MBA specializations. Apart from MBA, BBA opens doors to a wide variety of degrees in finance, marketing, management, etc.

Other considerable choices after a BBA degree:

  • Post graduate Diploma in Management
  • Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  • Banking

  1. Huge Demand

There is and always will be a huge demand for BBA graduates because management is a crucial role in every company irrespective of the company size. Big, medium, as well as small companies, require management positions to manage and lead teams towards success. Talking about the BBA course, it not only emphasizes on the theoretical concepts but also on practical aspects of management. Altogether, it helps students build a good personality. BBA syllabus is developed and constantly updated as per the latest trends and business requirements. Thus, catering to the demands of big companies.

  1. Wide Exposure

The BBA course provides wide exposure to students to improve both hard as well as soft skills. While pursuing BBA, students develop knowledge regarding managerial, communication, and decision-making abilities. Designed as per the industry standards, BBA offers opportunities to students to explore different fields like marketing, sales, operations, events, etc. Through case studies, field visits, and internships, students get a taste of real-world market practices. Moreover, BBA favours networking opportunities, thus, giving students a chance to connect and explore excellent job openings.

  1. Promising Salary Prospects

Salary is often one of the deciding factors for students to opt for a particular course. As per Payscale, the salary package after a BBA degree ranges between 4-5 lakh depending on the job title. Additionally, one can switch companies and acquire quick promotions through hard work. Furthermore, once students acquire an MBA degree, they can further boost their salary prospects.

Career Opportunities after BBA


BBA graduates undergo rigorous training in multiple fields and domains. Students develop both hard skills as well as soft skills. With these skills and abilities, students are well-equipped to take up varied job roles in both private as well as government sectors.

Listed below are some of the best job roles available after BBA:

  • Banking, financial services, and insurance sector
  • Sales and Marketing sector
  • Finance and Accounting Sector
  • Human Resource (HR) Management
  • Event Management
  • Business Consultancy
  • Information Technology (IT) Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Ecommerce
  • Government Jobs such as civil services, banking, police services, defense services, or any other government roles.

These are the top reasons to choose a BBA course. Know more about the course and the top colleges for BBA in India on our website CollegeSearch, a global platform that connects students, colleges, and alumni.

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