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Finding a Great International School in Bangkok

Bangkok is a wonderful city that continues to attract people to live and work, even during the times of the pandemic. Bangkok has a lot to offer, and this is true for the international school section as well. With so many different international schools, it’s best to shop around until you find the right one that fits your lifestyle and the needs of your children. There are a few things you can think about during your search for the perfect school.

What Type of Curriculum is Offered?

Dependent on what country you come from, you may prefer the curriculum taught in your home country. This is especially true for parents that want to move back to their home country at some point in the future. It is easier for children to then go back into their classes at home, while still keeping up with their grade-level content. Some of the most popular curriculums in Bangkok are:

  • The American Curriculum: Schools like Niva American International School will follow the American curriculum, which uses the common core state standards. These may differ a bit state by state but are generally good for American content across the board.
  • The British Curriculum: This curriculum is the National Curriculum of England and Wales, and is broken into stages called “Key Stages,” where different needs are met at each stage. Students take exams called GCSEs towards the end of their school career.
  • The Australian Curriculum: These schools will use an Australian curriculum, where students learn through different “learning areas” as they grow older.
  • The International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum: Not particular to any country, this curriculum draws on inter-connected learning, where one theme is taught through different subjects during the year.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Another important thing to consider with an international school is what they offer outside of the curriculum. This can range from end-of-the-day programs (like learning a language or playing an instrument) to events that happen throughout the school year during school hours. These kinds of events are special days like International Day, Sports Day, or STEAM events put on by teachers at the school. Many schools recognize that a good student is a well-rounded individual and does not focus solely on academics.

Schools that offer additional support are typically great international schools. Tour the campus, ask questions, and soon you’ll find a school that both you and your child are happy with!

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