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Healthcare Training in an Online Environment

The healthcare sector has been seriously tested with the arrival of the pandemic and many services are now delivered via the Internet, which eliminates human contact to combat the spread of Covid-19. Here are just a few examples of the ways that virtual technology is helping today’s healthcare industry.

  • Clinical Skills Online Training – These services are designed for both registered and non-registered healthcare staff, with medication training also included. Cervical screening, for example, can be included in a course, as can clinical observations, which is another essential skill that healthcare workers need. If you would like to learn more about online clinical training, search with Google for an established provider and they can tailor a course to perfectly suit your needs.
  • Mental Health Counselling – This service can be delivered via a Zoom video call, which protects both the health professional and the patient. Some people are under severe stress due to the pandemic forcing them to lose their job and the online counsellor is only a few mouse clicks away. If you need to talk to someone, there are always free online counsellors that are available 24/7 and they are trained to listen and respond in a positive way.
  • Basic First Aid – If you want your staff to receive basic first aid instruction, this can be carried out in a virtual environment, or you can book the trainer to visit your business premises. A half day course will see your staff educated, but first there needs to be an assessment carried out, to determine course content. If fire is a risk, the burns treatment would be covered and the course would cover all the basics, according to UK government guidelines.
  • Physical Intervention – This is often a skill that is required in healthcare, while also in the hospitality sector and the trainer would be able to customise the course to your specific needs. Mental healthcare demands that care workers are fully trained in both conflict management and physical intervention techniques.
  • Health & Safety – We all know how much importance the UK government puts on workplace health & safety and your employees need to attend a basic course that is tailored to their industry. All 4 levels are represented and accredited, making sure that you are fully compliant with relevant health & safety requirements.

VoIP solutions enable healthcare professionals to be trained online, plus they can deliver their services to patients and other care workers using video calls.

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