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Washington State License: What You Need to Know.

You’re in Washington and in real need to pass your insurance exam worry no more. According to statistics, approximately 75% of individuals reading to excel in their insurance exams commit to a particular insurance company. Others are in dire need of employment, and the management has asked them to pass their exams before getting the job.

However, whether you’re in between settling for a firm or still doing research for one, it’s appropriate to pass your Washington state license tests first. To excel in your exams, Washington requires that you complete a pre-licensing course. There are numerous in Washington that’ll give you the best experience. It’s essential to know them, though this can be a topic for another day. So let’s continue with what you need to know about the Washington state license, shall we?

Where to Get the Exams

When you pass the Washington state exams, you’ll instantly become an asset in the industry. Besides, it’s one big obstacle the company you’re eyeing will be relieved off. So, how do you get to this? The office of the Insurance Commissioner has agreements with PSI Services to get insurance license tests in Washington.

The good news is that PSI exam centers are always open. However, registering for remote examinations necessitates a system check of your computer before the exams. Also, students need to do their registrations online as the time to reserve for a call might be backlogged.

PSI has continually received increased inbound calls necessitating them to add more hours of operation. For that reason, Washington state callers can easily schedule their insurance tests.

How do You Register and Schedule for the Exams?

An easy way to schedule an insurance test is by contacting PSI through their website or calling them. It also applies to requesting your examination score report copy.  After which, you’ll have the chance to sit for your tests any time in the available ten exam centers.

As well, there’s an option to determine if you’re applicable for the remote testing option.

Remote Testing is taking your tests from home, it requires you to:

  • Have a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Ensure availability to test the device’s compatibility at the time of registration. In any case, if it fails to meet the criteria, then examine it at a physical PSI location over an appointment.

But remember, there are some requirements about certificate of completion that you mustn’t miss out on; you must:

  • Have a score above 70% in your exam.
  • Have a separate certificate from the pre-licensing course for the 20 hours course you fruitfully finished.
  • Show the certificate of completion from pre-licensing at the center you’ll take the test, which you’ll be issued back immediately.
  • Submit the completion certificate along with the license application.
  • Use the certificate of completion before 12 months.

Sitting for the Washington license exam for certification is vital if you want to work in the state. Remember, you don’t have to freak if you failed your first test. There’s no limit to the number of times you can retake the exams. Go for it!

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